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How Facebook can help you get more clients in 2021?

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Outline of this blog:

What is Facebook?

Facebook is one of the eldest social media platforms and survives until now. It was founded in 2004. This platform intends to connect all of Harvard University students by sharing the fun moments or their idea within their network online. As the number of registered users grow up, it opens up to the public to join the network.

Between 2006 to 2016, Facebook has standout from the other social media platforms like Friendster, MSN, Blogger etc. and start rolling out tons of business marketing features. During this period, the users of Facebook was educated and accepted the fact they will see ads appear on their page and wall.

Up to 2021, 2.8 billion users are active on Facebook. If you are sensitive to the number, you will see how huge and easy it could be to get your brand's attention out of this 2.8 billion users.

Why shall business bother to use Facebook for their Marketing?

Put aside all the technical terms, by just looking at the outcomes that Facebook can provide to the business owner, and you will amaze and regret why you don't start to do this earlier.

  1. Facebook can learn and identify the right audience for your services or products based on interaction and users' behaviour. This advantage is faster and more efficient than hiring a promoter to distribute the flyers in a shopping mall or beside the street.

  2. Facebook can show your business name or brand on every corner of the Facebook platform, and the user can even say no to it. Could you or your promoter paste the flyer along the street without getting a fine from the authority?

  3. If you are setting it right, Facebook can spread your contents and messages with a minimum of 100 persons per second. Could you do that?

If you keep reading on the list of features that Facebook has prepared for business, you could say yes to using Facebook for your business.

What are the features of Facebook help in marketing for business?

Facebook Business Page

This feature is the first and basic feature for all the businesses to get an official account to interact with the users. With a Facebook page, it can boost your brand's creditability and a lot easier for you to build up the followers of your brand.

Inside the page, you have no limitation in posting the content. You can post the image, gallery and video. You can link these posts with a specific link to direct your follower go to a specific page or product page (Like Shopify Store, Amazon, Alibaba etc.).

From here, you can use it as a mini-blog to share the branding image of your brand and update the latest news to your followers right away.

Facebook Page Insight

Once you have created a page, you now can access the demographic data of your audience. The information is including

  • the age,

  • gender,

  • the country they live in,

  • the city they live in,

  • languages they speak,

  • what time they are active on Facebook,

  • how they react to your post,

  • how many followers click on the link you shared

  • which content your followers show the highest interest to

  • what are the contents created by your competitors and how the followers react to it

Facebook Pixel

This pixel is a small code to be installed on your website or landing page. This code able to track how the user interacts with your website like:

  1. how many users click on a particular button

  2. how long they spend on a certain page of your website

  3. how many users click on the checkout button but did not complete the payment

  4. which followers have bought your product

  5. identify and recommend the related products to your followers

  6. recognise the followers who have visited your website and show your ad to them again

  7. find new followers for your business based on the data collected from your competitors' websites.

Facebook Ad Manager

This tool is for you to create and analysis how the ad performed. From this tool, you can:

  1. Which picture can draw more attention from your followers

  2. how many new followers show interest in your ad

  3. how many followers like/dislike your ad

  4. how many people are viewing your ad

  5. how many people clicked on the link associated with your ad

  6. set an ad to get a message and contact information directly on Facebook

  7. set an ad to bring people to visit your website

  8. set an ad to make a purchase right away on Facebook

Facebook Audience Insights

This tool is for you to do market research on:

  1. demographic of the population for a specific country

  2. the top liked or followed Facebook pages

  3. the related keywords you shall use in your ad campaign

  4. the top players in your niches or industries

From here, you can further plan your content strategy and marketing strategy based on all these data collected by Facebook for you and access all of them for FREE!

Facebook Live

Even before the pandemic, this live streaming tool is free to be used by Facebook's users. You can use this live streaming tool to react with your followers locally or globally.

During the live streaming session, you can:

  1. collect feedback right away from the audience

  2. showcase your products

  3. presentation on your services

  4. share the link for purchase or appointment

  5. QnA sessions with your followers

  6. any other interaction with your followers


Now you have seen all of the tools and the data that you can use for free, do you still hesitate to go after it? Would it be easier for you to say yes if you can get someone to guide you through all of these tools in details?

Visit this page to learn more, and you can find out more about how we can help you in social media marketing.

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