The 5 golden pages that turn the website visitor into a customer

Updated: May 14

Hi, Welcome back to the channel. There are 5 golden pages that turn the visitor into a customer, and there is one page always being ignored by most entrepreneurs. Indeed, it is the main turning key that makes your client buy your product or services.

The golden 5 pages you should include on your website are

  • Home

  • About us

  • Products

  • Gallery

  • Contact.

On your home page, it is an overview of your business and the first stop point before your client browsing every page of your website. You may probably follow one of the best practice of website design which is dividing the page into multiple sections and redirect them to the respective page.

So now, we would like you to take a look again on your home page.

  • Do you have at least a CALL-TO-ACTION button in each section?

  • If yes, then how about the section for the about of your business? Does it have it?

  • Or it is only 3 to 5 sentences?

If yes, congrats. You got it right. If no, you are making the same mistake as most of our clients, and you are losing a 60% chance to make your client buy your product or services.

What you can do to get this 60% chance?

best website practices - use about us to convert sales-yewebs.jpeg

Based on the behaviour of online buyers, when they are visiting your website for the 1st time, they will look at your product and the pricing first. If the product fits their needs, then they will start to learn about your business and start reading through your about section.

From this point, there is only one question in their mind.

build trust with your clients online with your website-yewebs.jpeg

Should I trust you?

They are new to your business, and they may never hear or hear once/twice in their life. So they will worry, whether they will get what they want after paying you.

So now, do you still think 3 to 5 sentences are sufficient for them to learn about your business and trust your business? Definitely no. As a result, they will hold their desire and close your website. You lost the customer just like that.

Yeah, just like that.

What are the contents you should include on your about section or about page?

showcase testimonial online on about page - yewebs.jpeg

Number 01: Testimonials and Awards

The testimonials here are not limited to your products but the general feedback from the clients on your company. Such as friendly and professional customer services, best technical support, quick responses and more.

The best way to present it is making up as a story. Start with how they find your company, the challenges they were facing at that time, how your company solves them, and end with their reviews.

In this way, you can help them feel and relate your product or solutions to their problem. Remember, it is your job to lead the customers to link your business with the benefits they can enjoy.

show business core value online on about page - yewebs.jpeg