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The Latest Top 3 updates for Facebook Marketing in 2021

Top 1: Don't spam the audience with Ad, Ad and Ad only

Even though there are more and more tools being rolled out by Facebook for business usage, but don't forget that Facebook still is a social media platform for people to share and interact.

Focus on the keywords here "Share" & "Interact". These 2 keywords give you a hint that if the content you have posted cannot trigger the user to share it out or interact, then the Facebook algorithm will reduce your Facebook page's exposure rate.

Top 2: Don't expect organic lead or followers again

nowadays, it is getting easier and easier for users to access the internet and information. This situation is also lead to more and more new social media platform show up in the marketplace. This situation makes Facebook having higher competition and getting challenging to retain the users (but don't worry, it still has the highest user registration rate). So it starts to reduce the exposure rate of any Facebook page since 2016 from 10% to 6% to ensure its user won't feel sick with the ads.

You can interpret this number in this way if you have a total of 10 followers, then only 6% of them will see your content without visit your Facebook page. This percentage will be lower for the subsequent post if you didn't get enough interaction rate on the previous post.

Top 3: Content strategy is the new thing you shall focus on

As mentioned in the previous section, don't spam your audience by keep telling your audience how good your products or services are. Instead, you shall now focus on how your products or services could help solve their problem.

let's take an example, and we are trying to promote the website design for a clinic operator:

Instead of sharing this:

We are good at website design, and you will get a stunning design nowhere else. Choose us today.

We can try to share the content in this way:

You need a website for your clinic, but do you know what features should be included on your website to have the best result?

As the audience already know, they need a website and what design they want to be used for the website, but they don't know how to choose among the options they have. They are eager to stay away from any mistake that will cost them a chunk of money. So sharing the guide or information on how to choose is more effective than telling them what to choose—no one like to be ordered to do something.


Alright, these are the top 3 social media updates to be included in your social media management plan. If you are stuck and need someone to give you some ideas, drop us a message here and you will get a 1-hour free discussion with us.

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