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You got the idea, but why you still stop at the same place?

Alright, calm down and relax. Let us share with you the

Top 3 Must-Asked Questions

before you start your online business.

yewebs-how to get a niche for your business

Q1: What are the niches you wish to go after?

Nich is not equal to industry. Nich is a specific topic or area of the industry. So now what are the niches you want to go after? Still not sure about it? Check out this video to see some ideas for you to get started.

yewebs - how to find your ideal customer

Q2: Who will be your ideal clients?

Everyone in this world or a specific group of people? This question also is the meaning of "Build Your Buyer Persona". It could be a real person you know or out of your imagination. It starts from the name, age, gender, where he/she live, occupation and lifestyle. Then only you can think of the best way to sell your services and products to your ideal client.

yewebs - what are the sales channels for ideal customer

Q3: What are the channels you can find the client?

Now you have a clear direction of how your client will look like and identify what to tell them so they will make a deal with you. The next question is where to get them out of nothing? How do you reach them with your idea?

The top 3 channels to find your clients and get leads are:

  1. Facebook

  2. Google

  3. Amazon

So pal, if you take these 3 questions seriously and take your time to answer them, then you have make a 10% progress to get your business idea come to life.

Now, how do you verify your answers are correct? Is there any improvement? How these answers could apply in your situation? We now open our time to get a 1-to-1 60 minutes video call with you. So we can discuss and give you some insights on how to complete the next 90% based on your situation. You owe it to yourself to try this ‌guided business consultation session and feel the wonderful ‌insights it can bring. And now you can, absolutely worth your time, pal.


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