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Build your skill & portfolio before graduated.

We know what you are thinking, "I don't even get my job so how do I know what skills I need and how to build my portfolio?".

Calm down and relax, join this talk and we got covered. It is FREE for all university students.

You are almost ready for the market.

In Malaysia alone, there are 1000+ graphic design related students who graduated from the university every year and join the market. So how do you stand out from the competition even before joining the market and land your 1st job?

We have the answer for you.

Title of the talk

Job Perspectives & Opportunities in the digital marketing industry (2021 & beyond)

What are real work corporates expecting from you?

Once you get a clear idea of what the market is demanding, then you will have a clearer mind to spot the opportunity and grab it before it getting away from you.

What are the opportunities in the digital marketing industry?

In the talk, we are sharing with you what are job opportunities you can have and how to find them. Once you found them what you will need to prepare to secure the opportunity.

Top 3 mistakes when fresh graduates start their digital marketing career.

We hope you don't get these mistakes when you are starting to find your first job. These three mistakes definitely will kill the opportunity.

What are the opportunities from YeWebs for all fresh graduates?

We are a digital marketing agency too and we are looking for talents as well. During the talk, we will share the latest opportunity you can get from us even you are still on the way to complete your study. Stay tuned!

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This talk will be conducted via GoToMeeting.

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