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The library of

Stunning WIX Website Templates

Some people argued with us that they are not Templates.

They are Websites which are fully built and ready-to-launch at any time!

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A template that just fit!

This is exactly what I want! How frequent can you say this out when you search through the template library from WIX? 

In YeSight, you can find the template that fits all of your needs because all of them are modified or based on the real websites we have created in our past experiences. We know what the basics you need are. And, you can use it right away like plug and play.

best for all kinds of business and start

Best way to start for any startup or new venture.

To all startups, you can’t miss this irresistible offer if you wish to get your MVP or brand roll out to the market in the shortest period. Once you choose the template that fit you the most, you can just publish it within 24 hours!

Limited budget and hate hidden cost? You have our promise! The price show in the library, that is the price you pay during the checkout. 

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all template come with WIX native featur

Designed with WIX Native features.

Whatever templates you have seen in our YeSights library, all of them are designed with WIX native features. What does it mean for you? 

It is the way how we ensure you that you can use it as typing or edit the document in a Words or PowerPoint. No third party app. No complicated process to edit the website. 

Straight to the point.

Why buy from YeSights?

Keyboard and Mouse

Double Click.



Every template submitted to the library of YeSights is designed for easier editing and updating. You just need to select the text to update with your business name or branding. You even can replace the images in the template into your product images.


Not sure how to do it? You can contact the designer to make the design update for you.

Human verified templates

We have set a series of requirements and standard for our designers to follow strictly. So now you can be assured no template are useless, and all templates that related to your field are in high standard and come along with all field related features.

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Modern Office
Travel Blogs

You see it.

You own it.

Are you worried about the copyright of the media we have used in the template? Relax, and we got you covered. Whatever images we used in the template, you have all the rights to download/edit/crop for any commercial purpose.


So, you no need to worry some images are missing after buying the template. It’s time to say goodbye with expensive stock images websites.

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Customization services

What could you do after purchase template but want to have modification on it which required advanced skills? Talk to the designer who created the template you just bought. The designer is happy to help you and get it done for you.

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Application Design

A life-time promise from YeSights.

All templates are bundled with:

Responsive Design

Launching-Ready Design

Easy to Edit & Update

Fully Customisable

Free Stock Images

Premium Email Support

Guided Copywriting

Lightweight and fast loading speed

White label.

No Ads

Dedicated Account Manager

Frequently asked questions

What are the hosting platform of the template?

All templates are hosted on WIX and you need a WIX account before purchase. If you don't have any WIX account, you will be prompted for an email and we will create one account for you during the design transfer process.

How do I purchase the template?

It is easy to get your favourite design from YeSights. 1. Choose the template you like 2. Click "Buy Now" button of the design 3. Key in your payment details 4. Tell us the email of your WIX account 5. Wait for the transfer to be done 6. Enjoy

What I need to do after checkout?

Congratulations and you just one step away to get your stunning website. After checkout, the design transfer will be initiated and you will receive an email from WIX once the tansfer is done. Please note that, you will need to login to your WIX account to complete the transfer.

How long will it take for the design appear in my WIX account?

This process shall be completed within 24 hours upon checkout. Once the transfer is done, you will receive an email notification from WIX. Please take notes that you will need to login to your WIX account to complete the transfer.

What is and how dedicated account manager work for me?

Who is dedicated account manager? Dedicated Account Manager is a real person who are fully in charge of your account with YeWebs. He/She will be the only one you need to look for when you need some assistance or update on your website related matter. How it work for me? Whenever you have purchased any template from YeSights or engage any services from YeWebs, your account will be assigned with one professional Dedicated Account Manager automatically. No application is needed. Once assigned, he or she will send an email to you and give you a warm introduction.

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