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Regardless of the reason why you start your online marketing,

You have to start it right.

so, how should you get started?

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The top 3 questions asked when starting an online business today.

what to do to start your business online

What to do to get started?

This question is the top question to be asked when we received a call. Try to ask yourself the following questions before you start an online business: 

  • What are the niches you wish to go after?

  • Who will be your ideal clients? Everyone or targeted groups?

  • What are the features you need to get to promote your business online?

  • What are the channels you will use to find your ideal clients?

If you are not sure of the exact answers for each question, you better book a session with us today and check what's goes wrong with your business.

how to increase online sales small business

I didn't get sales, why?

Sales and revenues are the ultimate reason to start a business. So you can support yourself, your family and your dream. However, you have tried for a certain period but still have not hit the targeted sales. Why will it be like that? How to increase online sales of small businesses? Book a session with us today so you can have more ideas on how to get more money.

  • A dept analysis on your business model

  • Products & Market Analysis

  • Sale Funnel Suggestions

how to automate your business

I am overwhelmed, how to manage it better?

Firstly, being overwhelmed is a good sign and congratulations. It just means your model is working! Now you may need a way to manage finance, sales reporting, customer support and how automate your business. Contact us today to identify the business automation tools or workflow for better online marketing management. Say goodbye to the tiring life!

The List of Scopes We Covered.

Online Business Model
Website Design
Social Media Application
Sales Funnel
Google SEO
Google Ads
Facebook Ads
Automation Tools
Client Retention
Marketing Tools
Live Video Marketing
Market Research
Client Sources
Financial Tools

Book a slot with us today & get your

FREE Business Analysis

Customers' Reviews

Scroll horizontally to view the testimonials and see how we helped them out.

Business Model & Design

Fred Meng's contribution to televerse website's success is immeasurable because he came through at a time when my website needed a redemption and he delivered 200%!

Business Marketing

Fred is a good designer, he works efficiently and communicate with his client on time. I would like to hire him doing further projects. Hope to keep contact with him.

Website Design & Payment Tools

非常好,耐心,容易沟通! 价格合理. 但因为时差的关系, 双方沟通的时间会延长些

Social Media Marketing

I love working with Fred, he is a real professional at what he is doing. I can communicate with him effectively. I will work with him in the future for sure.

Kiraly Mark

Digital Piano Class

Website Design

Fred is knowledgeable of the product and does his best to meet client’s needs.
He is patient, helpful and quick to respond.
Overall it’s been a pleasant experience working with Fred.
Highly recommended!



Website Design

I am extremely satisfied with Fred's service. He is quick to respond to any demand. You will never be disappointed with this guy! I strongly recommend him. I learned web designing as I started the website from nothing, but he had greatly helped me with fantastic designs! Looking forward to more projects with Yewebs!!!


Website Design

Fred Meng was really helpful, He really put in effort to assist! Had a great experience with him, he teaches me a lot about the website, I’m really grateful and appreciate!

Website Design

Fred tried all his best to solve my problem from the website. He has a lot of patience, and he understands what I needed. He really is the best that he also gave me a lot of professional advice on how to design so that we cooperated well. I'll keep on hiring Fred and his teammates to create more websites for me as I know he gave out the best service. Highly recommended!!

Website SEO

Fred Meng回覆問題相當快速,簡潔明瞭的協助非常清楚且直接,能很有效率的幫助我在建立網站中所遇到的困難。在審查和問題排查的報告書也標示的清楚明白,提供或許更適切的建議,讓我知道問題的根源與可以修正的方式。

Contact us today so you can be the next successful case!

3 Steps to get closer to a successful online business.

Pick a date & time.
Be ready for a 30 minutes audio/video call.
Execute the recommended solutions.

Book a session today. 

All calls will be answered by our Founder - Fred Meng.

Original Rate: USD$699/session

*The validity of this promotion is valid until March 2023

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