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Website Designs & Developments

We will be your Website Designer.

Website is the most effective ambassador for your business. A well-presented website always creates a wonderful impression of your business before your client willing to build trust in your service.

Create your own now before your competitors do it.

5 basic pages 

We will use 5 basic pages to convert your visitors to be your customers.


You are free to decide what are the contents to be placed for these 5 pages and we will take care the design. 

SEO Friendly

All the designs will be optimised for SEO and present the contents in the latest requirement set by Google.

So your website will show up on Google result page.

Fully Responsive

Responsiveness is the main requirement for a modern website. Thanks to the developers, now all the websites are fully responsive to all devices down to the mobile phone.

Social Media Marketing

Spend your marketing effort at the right place.

How fast your brand can be viral on social media is beyond your imagination if you do it right. 

YouTube For Business

If the content that you wish to share to your audience is not able to be presented as an image, then you shall try to express them in a video format. YouTube is the second largest search engine and people are searching for video guidance on how-to and get something done. 

LinkedIn For Business

LinkedIn is the best place to promote any B2B businesses. Treat LinkedIn as an interactive resume for yourself or your company. The more skills or achievement you can share on LinkedIn, then the higher chance you can standout from your competitors.

Instagram For Business

If you target the young generation audience, then Instagram is the best channel to find & approach them. Instagram is different from Facebook, and it has a higher demand for getting more beautiful and eye-catching pictures related to your business.

Facebook For Business

Regardless of how many new social media platforms are growing up, Facebook is still the channel with the largest users population and active user count per day. Having a Facebook Business Page is a must if you decided to extend your marketing through social media. 

We have more to list, contact us to see how we can help you too.

Custom Member Dashboard

Different business has different information need to show to your member. So create your own today.

Custom Booking Module

Create a custom flow to adapt your booking flow. So you can meet your client in an easier way.

Custom Video Selling

Sell your video in the way you want it to be. Membership integrated or limit access and more.

Document management

Upload the document to your website and shared it with your website members or desired users. You can control the access as you like.

Membership system 

Let users sign up as a different members to enjoy different sets of features on your website.

Crowdfunding module 

Enable user to make a crowdfunding event to collect funding from the public. Come with project details, awards section, progress report and refund.

Property listing module 

List down the properties available, come with search functionality, filter, sorting, property detail page, property gallery.

Loan calculator 

This is a dedicated online calculator for a bank loan. User can set the amount of loan amount, loan period and interest. 

PDF viewer

Enable the user to view the PDF on your website directly. Admin can enable/disable the download. 

Custom form creation

Create any form to collect information from the user. Best for vacancy application, contact form, inquiry form, and more.

Event ticketing 

Sell event tickets on your website. Inclusive event detail page, discount code, buy on behalf, and more.

Job application module 

Custom the flow on how to recruit the talents for your team and business.

Some famous custom build features

Web-app Development

Solve the complex process with custom build service.

Are you looking for an app or online tool to process all the collected data for better insights and decision making? We can build a custom web-app with complicated workflows. So you can achieve more functions with your website.

 Contact us today and tell us how you would like it to be.

Our Clients

Check out our portfolio page to see their website. Enjoy and contact us to get one similar for your business.