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Everything you know about YeWebs is starting from a Google Ad.

The Ad by WIX. 

Our founder

Fred Meng

He came across this platform, "amazing" is the only word that popped up in his mind. This tool will be the best software to go after if anyone wants to get a website published. 

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No One Cares.

He started to share this out with everyone he knows but no one giving a damn about it. In 2001, online business is still a big myth and treated as a "scam" for most Malaysian.

However, he didn't give up and decided to prove he is right.

Let get to the first client.


he found his first client - a total stranger from Perth, Sophie. She trusted him and granted the website design project to him (A deep appreciation from Fred & all members of YeWebs).

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From there, more and more clients became our portfolio.


Gathered more experiences with clients from different industries. From this point, we can say it confidently that the final products/solutions we provided to our clients are working! 


YeWebs officially formed and registered as an organisation with the local authority.

2014 - Current

We managed to partner with 233+ business owners who are from 19 different countries. 

Even though we turned ourselves from a freelancer to a team, but we still keep the same concept: 

"Every client deserve a very own solution,

not a template."

To achieve this objective, each customer approached us; we will start the first step as shown below: 


Reserve a block of time just for you

No distraction and full attention on you.

Mo n d ay 11 . 00 AM
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Because we keep upholding the same principle, we have a valuable partnership with 


Business Owners




Major Business Industries

Thank you to all our customers/partners.

Now it is time for us to give back to the community.

We still open to any opportunity to work together with NGOs around the world. 

Free website creation

Free website creation

For the NGO from low-income countries

Provide Free Training to NGOs

Provide Free Training to NGOs

Training on how to create a website

Up to 60% off

Up to 60% off

Special offer the premium package to NGO

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That's all for the story about YeWebs.
Now it is your turn to step into the era of online business - with the right partner.