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Social Media Marketing

The NEW way to get your clients

The essential for the success of the online business

Social Media Marketing is not only about posting something everyday.

Manage by yourself

Manage by professionals

Content Creation

Content Strategy

Marketing Tools Integration

Monthly Report & Proposal

PowerPoint / Basic Photoshop

Follow the trend / based on the mood of the day

Professional Design with a huge library of resources

Professional market research and keyword research

Facebook Ad Manager, Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Google Adsense, and more

You may not knowing about it or using it correctly

Basic insights or self assumptions

Monthly insights from all integrated tools & professional interpretation. No more assumption or guessing.

There are more than that if we help you to manage them.

Get Started

Facebook For Business

Setup & Design the Facebook Page with your branding

Ad Account & Advertisement Setup

Facebook Pixel Setup & Monthly Analysis

Monthly Content Creation & Analysis

Drive Traffic to any website or landing page

Setup the Scheduling System for your services

Instagram For Business

Setup & Design the Instagram business with your branding

Huge library of stock photos and vector arts

Connect it to Facebook Business Account

Monthly Content Creation & Analysis

Drive Traffic to any website or landing page

Instagram Shop Setup & Ad Management

LinkedIn For Business

Setup & Design the LinkedIn Company Page with your branding

Connection Searching & Management 

LinkedIn Blog Creation for showcase

Monthly Content Creation & Analysis

LinkedIn Ad Setup & Analysis

YouTube For Business

Setup & Design the YouTube Channel with your branding

Monthly Content Research & Suggestion

Monthly YouTube Insight Analysis & Interpretation

Basic Video Editing

Link to Google AdSense for Advertisement 

Optimise the description for YouTube Search Algorithm



Engagement Rate

Get double of people to like your page, view your post, comment or even get X2 traffic volume to your website for product checkout. 

Best example for this result: 

ICON-MEGOPIC is an online conference held by a local university from Malaysia and wish to get more participation from Facebook, Instagram & Linkedin. We managed to get 991 followers (from 0 followers) and 1995 unique visitors within 30 days. 

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • link icon  2



Conversion Rate

Double up the number of orders with the right approach and data. You just need to ensure you are able to deliver your order. 

Best example for this result: 

CLASSPE is an online tutoring platform that delivers the contents through live streaming.  We managed to get 247 followers (from 0 followers) and a total of 98 students (from 0 students) sign up for the course within 30 days. 

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • link icon  2



Lead Generated

Get more emails & other contact information from your audience, so you can use them for better direct marketing.

Best example for this result: 

Cloud Shipping is a company who able to provide a better shipping cost for all e-commerce owner. We managed to have 16 leads with a single campaign. 

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • link icon  2

You can do


& Get More ROI.

We have more case studies to share with you. If you want to earn more money with social media, contact us today and we will give you a free consultation and analysis.

Simple Pricing

Starting From $249/month

All plans come along with the following

Free Stock Images

White label.

No Ads From Us

Guided Copywriting
Unlimited Revision on the post design
Premium Email Support
Dedicated Account Manager

$25 Ad Coupon

every month

Frequent Asked Questions

Still hesitate?

Check out the blog on how social media really work for your business.

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