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1000 traffics per week but no sales. Why?

If the title catches you to read this article, you have the same problem and need to be solved as soon as possible. Keep reading this article as we will share the top 5 mistakes that cause no conversion from the traffics (You may skip, but just a warm reminder, you still need sales to pay the bills).

Mistake No.1 : You got a bad home page

bad website design - Yewebs blog - female showing thumbs down.jpg

What I meant here is how you arrange your information and the design you present your product and services.

For example, what are the colour themes you have picked? is that a colour reappearing the product or service you are selling?

Some websites are even worse when they are using a blur or the image in an improper size. Tips: Pixabay is one of the platforms to get all stock images for FREE, click here to get some now.

All these factors give an instant kill on the confidence and trust of those visiting your website.

Mistake No.2: Where is the button?


If you found out most traffics is staying on your website for quite a time, that means they like or feel comfortable with the design. But why still no sales?

From this point, you have to check whether you have your precise instructions and buttons on the website to teach your audience how to place the order?

Now your audience is like shopping at a huge shopping mall and surrounding by thousands of products. So where the cashier counter?

Some designers want to keep the website's design concept, and they will scarify the CTA buttons in the first place. If you are feeling the same, then you are killing the sales.

If you scarify the CTA buttons, then you are killing the sales.

Of course, we can't get too much of them and show the "buy now" button everywhere. Our recommendation is a minimum 3, and a maximum 5 "buy now" buttons will be sufficient. Remember, you also need to let your audience have some quality time to read through the product descriptions and other text before they being persuaded to buy.

A minimum 3, and a maximum 5 "buy now" buttons will be sufficient.

So review your website again and add in or remove the buttons.

Mistake No.3: Using default product description

do not use default product description-copywriting-yewebs-blog.jpg

Most of us are using the default product description from the manufacturer. So that we can ensure there is no misleading information or mistake in the description.

Well, somehow, it is true, but we believe there are parts of the product descriptions that could be changed so that it can match with your own style or the branding. Don't forget the customer will come to your website is not 100% because of the product's name but your style and unique aura.

Customers may buy the product just because it is you.

Change the product description today and make it like you are talking to your fans and match back with your style and branding.

Mistake No. 4: You have forgotten your analytic

read data on analytic dashboard-analyse-traffic-yewebs-blog.jpg

If the previous three points still not working for your case, then it is time to check on your analytic. Whether you are using Shopify or WordPress or Wix or any website builder, you will have a place call Analytic, or some platforms call it insights or reports.

The slideshow below is how the WIX Analytic Dashboard look like.

There are 3 major sources we can refer to in the insights or analytic, which Bounce rate, page visit frequency, and traffic source. The bounce rate is a key to measure how long your customer stays with your website, especially the home page, before they exit without trigger any action. From here, the lower the bounce rate, the better your website performs. So from here, you can identify and prove whether your website is well designed or it is time to find a designer to redesign for you.

Page visit and frequency is the key to show how many time for each page has been visited. From here, you will know which page, especially product pages, you can identify what the top viewed products are and whether this product should be featured on your home page or amend the design to give more space to show up this particular product on your website.

Bonus tip for this point, your menu's best arrangement should be HOME, MAIN PRODUCT NAME or SERVICE, PRICING, CONTACT US, & ABOUT US. Any other information you can keep in the submenu or at the footer.

Now, let go to the third part of analytic.

Mistake No.5: Traffic source


This module is also where the fifth mistake causes the website can't convert the traffic to a sale.

This module will tell which location drives the most traffic to your website. From the list of locations, you can further check whether the marketing plan you have done previously targets the right audience. For example, if you want to sell your online course to a customer coming from an Asia country, but 80% of the traffic is coming from Europe or anywhere else out of Asia. This fact told you that your marketing plan or advertisement setting needs an urgent amendment.


Alright, in short, it is your responsibility to check your website or e-commerce store able to do the following:

  1. Able to earn the trust of your customer

  2. Utilize the power of copywriting and CTA buttons to guide the visitors

  3. Ensure the marketing plan for your website or product is tallied with your analytic result


That's all for now, and of course, there are more factors or tips you need to know to further boost your online business. So remember to like, follow and subscribe to our blog. So, you will get more tips which are exclusive to our subscribers.

Comment below or drop us an email if you cannot convert the traffic to sales after do all the tips in this video. We will reply to your questions with a solution within 24 hours personally.

Again, like and subscribe to our website. See you in the next article.

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