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Believe it or not... These are what you need to do.

First, Congratulation! Your website is published!

And you have complete the phrase 1 to build up your branding online. However, you haven't completed all the items on the checklist yet.

"What else I need to do, Fred? I thought we are done here!".

Don't worry. We have done with the website setup and design. Now the second item on your checklist is "how you get more customers to know your website & branding from the internet?"

Don't tell me that you plan to let the website bring the customer to you without doing anything. If your answer is yes, you are making a BIG mistake and wasting your $$$$.

You may say you have your regular customers to deal with, but don't you think getting more new customers can even better and achieve your objective faster?

If you are comfortable with your existing customers' network and no intention to grow too big, it is alright. You can close this email now. Otherwise, keep reading this email. I am going to reveal three majors steps you can do next.

Step 1: Make your brand dominant in Google Search Results.

Further enhance your Google SEO with the BLOG module is the next thing you have to do.

"Wait a moment, Fred. I don't have time, and I not the academic writer for it."

Well, none of us is an academic writer either. However, the articles written in the way we speak to clients have a higher engagement rate than any articles written academically. So share the information as you share on your Facebook Page or Instagram Feed.

Don't have any idea on what to share? Contact us here, and we will give you a list of titles for FREE.

Step 2: Use Google Ad

Google Ad is the advertisement service from Google itself. With the huge database and intelligent algorithm from Google Search Engine, you only need to list the keywords/phrase which important/relevant to your website. Then, Google will do the job and show your brand to the right customer.

The minimal result you could get is 100 clients view your website in a day!

Step 3: Social media Marketing

Since 2015, this tool is the common tool for every startup, consultancy even successful corporate to get their customers. It is a free tool for your to get more traffic and exposure to your brand. However, it does not mean you have to use all social media platforms.

Step 4: Email Marketing

WIX comes with a fantastic email marketing tool, and you are getting 3 FREE campaigns per months. You can also set up a series of automation to keep your customer engaged and show the right content at the right time.

Learn more about how WIX CRM help you build better customer support & turn them into buying customers. Contact me again if you want to find out what kind of automation you can set up for your website.


So now you have unlocked the 4 tools to expand your business online and get more revenues with your website. Now it is your turn to use them and take actions with these tools.

Contact us if you are confusing how to use these 4 tools. Remember, if you are confusing mean you are learning and growing.

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