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7 Reasons Why Choose WIX for your business website

When you are watching this video, I assume you have done your research and understand why you need a website for your business. If you still wonder why it is important for your business, check out the link in the description and read the blog before coming back to this blog.

Welcome back, so now you understand why you need a website. The next question you would ask is which website platform I should use for my business.

Alright, in the marketplace, you can have your website hosted on Godaddy, WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, and there could be a long list for it. Over here, in YeWebs, we are recommending you to use WIX for your business, and I will show the 7 reasons why we love that so much.

Number 1: Easy to use and no code needed.

You and I are the leaders of the business, and you definitely understand if you can get into the market faster, the better you build up your branding out there. So definitely we don't want to spend a couple of months to typing in the code and testing out to ensure there is no bug.

In WIX, you just need to drag and drop it, wherever you want. What you need to do is thinking about how to present your business and branding in the way you want to be. It is similar for you to create a presentation slide for your pitch deck.

Number 2: No layout limitation

When you create a website on WIX, no limitation on the layout, you want to put the text at the top of the image and put the image bigger at the bottom, whatever you like to do. Not like other platforms, you will need to follow specific layout and follow the only way preset in the template.

Number 3: Tons of template with modern design

WIX provides a lot of the templates for you to choose from and get started from there. All you need to do with the template are updating your business name, business logo, the text for the About section, contact information and link all of your social media channel. That's it, the first draft of your website is done! You can publish and start promoting your business online. See, how fast you can do that compare to those who are still struggling to fit in the content into the layout on the other platform.

Number 4: SEO

WIX is providing a whole new SEO tool and enable you to do more tweaks on the SEO part. Yeah, I know what are you thinking. There are so many people out there complaining the WIX is having a lousy SEO scoring.

Hello, please check again on the date of the information. This comment has been being spread since 2005, and now is 2020! Throughout the 15 years, do you think WIX really doesn't do anything on it? You now even can have a fantastic SEO tool for you to submit your website and get indexed to Google with one click.

If you want to learn more about the new SEO tool from WIX and how to use it to boost your ranking in Google, comment below on this blog by typing WIX SEO Tool. There more people comment on it, I will make a video & a blog for it and upload to Youtube for FREE to all my subscriber. Subscribe now if you haven't done so. Click on the bell too by the way, so you will be reminded when the new video is uploaded.

Number 5: Huge library of stock photos

A website with stunning and beautiful images will build up the confidence toward your brand from the audience. Check these 2 websites (as shown in the picture) as an example, both of them are selling a similar product, by your sixth sense, which one you will think are more trustable? Definitely, you will choose the website that comes with a nice and related photo to it.

And you know what, you can access all these stock photos for FREE. There is at least 1000 photo for you to choose from, and it covers most of the popular business industry.

If you want to have more, WIX connected to Shutterstock as well, and you can buy some at a special rate.

Number 6: Optimised for mobile

In WIX, it will automatically help you to optimise your website into a proper layout for mobile view. You just need to some minor adjustment on it for a better fit. Don't like it, you can click here and WIX AI system will rearrange it until you satisfy with it. From here, you save another chunk of time you need to spend on creating a website that is fitted for all devices.

Number 7: backup with experts

Whenever you have a problem or struggling with the website, now you can ask for help from the WIX marketplace where all the WIX experts are standby to help you out. It is definitely faster than you contact customer support. You are still able to outsource the daily task like posting the blog, social media post design and more services from the marketplace.

From here, I would like to share with you that, YeWebs are also one of the experts from WIX marketplace. So if you have any trouble with your WIX website, drop us a message with the link in the description, I will reply to you within 24 hours personally.

So now you know why you should choose WIX for your business website. IF you have more question related to your WIX website, subscribe to our blog and comment below with your question. I will reply to you one by one.


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