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You know nothing about your website - until you get it connected.

The moment you open this article, we assume you have an eagerness to know how was your website performing in getting sales and retaining the customer. Well, get your website connected to Google Analytics is the best way to find the answer. From this point, you shall know how useful for you to have the google analytic connected to your website so you can have tons of insights to improve your business and get more sales.

Google Analytics Connection - YeWebs - Google Analytics Expert - Malaysia

So have you connected Google Analytics to your website?

We are not sure about this and we hope you have no issue with it. Meanwhile, in this article, we wish to share with you the

top 3 information you shall get after connecting to Google Analytics.


Top 1: What is the first page that your traffic landed on?

From this insight, what kind of content of your website matched the audience's highest interests. Then from here, you can allocate more time and budget to create more content related to this page. So you can get even more traffic and a high chance for the client to buy your products and services.

use google analytics to analyse the bounce rate and exit page - yewebs - google analytics experts

Top 2: Which page is the page that your traffic closes your website?

With this insight, you can understand how your client browses your website and which page is underperform to retain your traffic. You can also consider adding one lead capture pop up on the exit page to prompt them to leave their email before leaving or grab their final attention to your latest promotion. This step is critical for you to grow your email list and further promote your business right in front of these clients.

use google analytics to track the e commerce purchase and the drop rate - yewebs

Top 3: Who left your website in the middle of the checkout process?

If you have a WIX online store, this insight is important for you. From here, you can see how many people are abandoning the purchase in the middle of the process. So you can decide when you need to send a reminder email to these clients to complete the purchase even ask for feedback on why they give up the purchase. From their feedback, you can see whether you need to improve the product description or revise the pricing.

Pro tips: these emails can be found from the WIX Store Dashboard, and you can send the reminder email right away.


So smart entrepreneur out there, we hope these 3 tips are helpful to you and hope you can get Google Analytics connected ASAP. The earlier the connection, the better insights you will get.

Not sure how to connect or need some help on this?



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