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Do you really know how a website affect your business?

How does a website really affect your business?


First of all, What is a website actually mean to a businessman?

Technically, the website is defined as follow:

A website[1] is a collection of related web pages, including multimedia content, typically identified with a common domain name, and published on at least one web server.
Wikipedia, 2018

However, this definition just makes all of the business owners confuse and what their real concern do they really need a website for their business and how this website could help their business. Our answers for these 2 questions are Yes, you are highly recommended to have it and it will be able to help you meet a better return for your business. The following are how it works.

1. Website is your silent ambassador yet most powerful representative of your business


You may have a shop lot and perfect location for your business but try to think back again on how your client know about your business before they stepping into your shop? Do you really post a document outside of your shop to tell them what is the business or services you are providing? Definitely not (We believe you have some idea of what is website really mean to your business now after you read this line).

To have a website for your business is like a virtual information board to let the people out there (either live in the same town with you or outside of your town) know about your business and give them the information they need.

2. Website is a weapon for your business to connect even more potential clients

Nowadays most of us are searching the information by simply type our question in Google and the results returned from the search will be the answer and it will be buried deep in our mind. Let's apply this statement to your business marketing strategy, if your business name or any information related to your business being shown in the result, your brand will be implanted in their memory as well although they never know where is your business located and anything about your brand.

Eventually, they are more people who know about your brand and little did we know that, indirectly, they become your business ambassador and spread your brand within their network. So do you still thinking having a website is not important for your business?

3. Having a website is the most effective marketing strategy to promote your business or your brand

YeWebs_Social Media_Integration_Website

There are hundreds (or even thousands) kinds of platforms for you to promote your brand but no matter which platform you go after, there will be having a column to ask you to fill up your website address or URL. This shows that the website is the most basic and unavoidable element to be included in your marketing plan.

By having a website, you are able to publish any kind of content you wish to have instead of fix to one type of content and even you could link or pull the content from other marketing platforms like Facebook, YouTube or Instagram. In short, a website is a one-stop platform for all of your content.

These are three main reasons why you should have a website for your business. Contact us now and get a website customized just for you. If you have more reasons on why your business should have a website, share it on our Facebook page here.


That's all for this article, and we hope this article gives you some idea of why having a website is important for you to start a business (regardless is offline or online). Remember! The first action you should take to make some money online for your business is to hit the subscribe button and give us a like below this post.

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